Three new Mountain Lion Take Control Ebooks

Now that Apple has released Mountain Lion into the wild, TidBITS has published not one, not two, but three Ebooks designed to help you tame Apple’s latest big cat.

‘Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion’

Start with a compatibility check, make a suitable backup, follow pre-upgrade advice, and pick your upgrade plan, or learn how to move your stuff from an older computer to a new one that’s running Mountain Lion. After guiding you through the upgrade, author Joe Kissell helps you get going with key post-installation steps. You’ll also find troubleshooting advice in case of upgrade failure, along with a chapter about Recovery mode.

Take Control of Upgrading to Mountain Lion:
Author: Joe Kissell | Version: 1.1 | Download Size: 2.3 MB | 168 pages | US$15
Ebook link | Take Control Catalog | Follow on Twitter

‘Take Control of Using Mountain Lion’

Author Matt Neuburg introduces this book by asking, “What options, settings, choices do you need to tackle, what new techniques and possibilities, what ways of thinking and working and understanding do you need to know about, in order to start using Mountain Lion comfortably and efficiently, so you can stop gaping at your computer and get back to using it?”

Take Control of Using Mountain Lion:
Author: Matt Neuburg | Version: 1.1 | Download Size: 3.5 MB | 204 pages | US$15
Ebook link | Take Control Catalog | Follow on Twitter

‘Take Control of Apple Mail in Mountain Lion’

Join Joe Kissell once again as he helps make managing your email a piece of cake. In this ebook, Joe provides oodles of key usage details about Apple Mail, whether you consider yourself a newbie or you want to brush up on advanced features like Gmail integration and smart mailboxes. He also covers features that are new in Mountain Lion, so you can learn how to take advantage of the new VIP feature to find important email messages faster and how to control exactly which messages appear in notifications, regardless of whether those messages rate VIP status. It’s by far the most comprehensive resource about Apple Mail available and goes way beyond Apple’s brief online help.

Take Control of Apple Mail in Mountain Lion:
Author: Matt Neuburg | Version: 1.0 | Download Size: 1.7 MB | 143 pages | US$15
Ebook link | Take Control Catalog | Follow on Twitter

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