Take Control of Your Paperless Office, Second Edition

Revisiting the Paperless Office

Take Control-Paperless Office coverFor those who have already undertaken the move to a reduced-paper world, TidBITS author Joe Kissell shows how to examine your procedures and tools with an eye toward streamlining your workflows and increasing your efficiency in response to the changes – some good, some not – that have taken place in the past few years.

Among the changes for the better during that time include improvements in scanners, better screens – including Retina displays – more options for OCR (optical character recognition) software, higher quality cameras on mobile devices and more cloud services with broader capabilities.

For new readers who have yet to embark on a paper-reduction journey, Joe explains how to:

  • Shrink the amount of paper that reaches you in the first place
  • Choose the right scanner for your situation
  • Pick OCR software that meets your needs
  • Get your software and hardware working together
  • Create an incoming paper workflow that is convenient and effective for you
  • Develop strategies to reduce or eliminate paper already on hand — without making yourself crazy
  • Use mobile technologies and cloud services to process paper even when you are away from your paperless office.

At 147 (virtual) pages, Take Control of Your Paperless Office, Second Edition is a useful addition to anyone’s (virtual) bookshelf of practical volumes.

Take Control of Your Paperless Office, Second Edition:
Author: Joe Kissell | Version 2.0 | Download Size: 1.1 MB | 147 pages | US$10
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