Take Control of Your Online Privacy

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How concerned are you about your online privacy? Does it bother you when Amazon recommends products you might like, or you see Web ads related to sites you’ve just visited? Do you worry that your online communications could be used against you by an ex-spouse, employer, or insurance company?

This new 118-page Ebook from TidBITS author Joe Kissell contains the advice that ordinary people need to handle common privacy needs.

Joe’s overall goal is to help you develop and maintain a privacy strategy, and, to aid in that effort, he explains how you can keep your Internet connection private, how you can browse the Web privately, what you can do to improve email privacy, how to talk and chat privately, and the best ways to share confidential files. Joe even delves into how to keep your usage of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites sort of private – or to at least ensure that your social media presence is unlikely to become a problem in the future.

Find out more about this Ebook and watch Joe’s entertaining “None of Your Business” video promo on the ‘Ebook link’ page below.

‘Take Control of Your Online Privacy’
Author: Joe Kissell | Version 1.0 | Download Size: 3.1 MB | 118 pages  | US$10
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