Take Control of Your iPad Second Edition

TidBITS’ latest Ebook – “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition” – written by intrepid Take Control series editor-in-chief and TidBITS co-founder Tonya Engst, will help you get more delight from any iPad running iOS 6.

Many people can use the iPad well enough, but aren’t having the amazing experience they should be. They sell themselves short. They can’t find their stuff. They scroll laboriously when they could tap to navigate. They put up with a cacophony of noisy notifications. They miss important email messages. They watch video on the iPad when they could stream it to an Apple TV. They need help… even if they don’t realize that they do.

Here’s a sampling of the many ways this ebook aims to increase iPad delight:

  • Remind yourself of the fun four- and five-fingered gestures.
  • Sort out the many different ways to turn down the volume.
  • Start using Siri to tell your iPad what to do (introduced-in-2012 iPads only).
  • Fill out your “card” in Contacts and autofill your contact info when shopping.
  • Create a calendar – and share it with other people.
  • Finally get iTunes syncing working the way you want it to.
  • Use the easy drag-down Notification Center – and even tweet from it.
  • Sync Safari tabs, read later items, and bookmarks with iCloud.
  • Get expert tips for a successful Home screen organization.
  • Lull yourself to sleep with an audio recording, and wake to your favorite music.

Author: Tonya Engst | Version: 2.0 | Download Size: 2.8 MB | 226 pages | US$15

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Tonya and Adam Engst say, “Please share this Ebook with a friend!”

(Encouraging sharing? From a book publisher? Can you imagine!)

Consider your purchase a ‘two-fer’. Buy “Take Control of Your iPad, Second Edition” for yourself, then make a copy and give it to the less-geeky person in your life who really needs it – e.g. your friend, mother, son-in-law or boss. TidBITS’ goal is to help people with technology, and the best way to do that is to get them to read this Ebook. Spread the iPad delight!