Take Control of Parallels Desktop 12

Take Control of Parallels Desktop 12 Ebook coverIf you need Windows apps, want to test Sierra without devoting a Mac to it, or wish to play around with Android, Chromium OS, or any one of the 57 flavours of Linux, the solution is Parallels Desktop, the first virtualization app for the Mac when it debuted 10 years ago. This week marks the release of Parallels Desktop 12, which is optimized for Sierra, boasts performance enhancements, and provides a collection of handy single-purpose utilities in the Parallels Toolbox. To help you make the most of it, TidBITS Publishing has the 170-page Take Control of Parallels Desktop 12 for you. It costs USD$15 (or only USD$10.50 for AMUG members after the 30% MUG discount – see below).

In this new Ebook, virtualization expert Joe Kissell explains how beginners can set up a virtual machine to run Windows or another operating system, share files with a virtual machine, and switch smoothly between virtualized apps and Mac apps. But it’s not all about beginners!

For those who are familiar with virtualization in general and with previous versions of Parallels in particular, Joe explores the many preferences and settings you can tweak for specific situations, to increase performance, and to enhance security. He also offers tips and directions for connecting peripherals to your virtual machine and covers snapshots, backups, malware prevention, troubleshooting, and more!

While it’s easy to throw around titles like “virtualization expert,” Joe really does qualify as such. Back in 2006, when Apple first released Macs based on Intel processors along with Boot Camp, Joe was first off the line with Take Control of Running Windows on a Mac, a popular title that evolved over five editions. He also wrote two editions of a Take Control book about Parallels Desktop competitor VMware Fusion, whose future has been unclear since the Fusion team was hit by layoffs in January.

Take Control of Parallels Desktop 12
170 pages | v1.0 | Author Joe Kissell | Price USD$15 | Published 18 August 2016.

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