Take Control of Numbers


Apple’s powerful Mac spreadsheet

Apple’s Numbers has gotten serious about providing legitimate competition for Microsoft Excel, and Mac users now see it everywhere, since it ships for free with every Mac. But tapping the power of Numbers isn’t always easy, even for those who have used spreadsheets for years, so TidBITS is tremendously pleased to bring you one of their most significant books ever: Sharon Zardetto’s Take Control of Numbers, which shows you how to input, calculate, sort, filter, format, and chart your data on the Mac with ease.

Richly illustrated with hundreds of annotated screenshots, the ebook also includes a hands-on example spreadsheet you can use to try what you’re learning, plus a special tutorial chapter that helps you put it all together.

The book covers Numbers 3.5, which works on any Mac running OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

Tonya Engst, CFO for TidBITS Publishing, says “I spend a lot of time in Excel, and although I’d tried Numbers a few times, I always retreated quickly to Excel, flummoxed by how Numbers differed. It wasn’t until I read Sharon’s manuscript that I learned key fundamentals, such as the four possible states for a table. It was also eye-opening to discover just how powerful Numbers is, with features like conditional highlighting, lookup functions that grab data in other tables, nested IF statements, rule-based filters to display only specific rows, and paragraph and character styles to maintain a consistent look-and-feel.”

About the Author
Sharon Zardetto has been writing about the Macintosh professionally since 1984, including nearly a thousand articles in Macintosh magazines and over 20 books. She’s best known for writing several editions of The Macintosh Bible, along with The Mac Almanac.

Take Control of Numbers
330 pages | Version 1.0 | 4.6MB | US$20 | Published 15 April, 2015

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