Take Control of Networking in iOS 6

Take Control of Networking & Security in iOS 6 by Glenn Fleishman: iOS devices are fundamentally communications devices, and thus rely heavily on Internet and other network connections. But since networking requires interacting with an unpredictable outside world, it’s far more confusing and error prone than other aspects of iOS. For those who want to know more about iOS networking, whether out of sheer curiosity, a desire to solve your own problems without a time-consuming trip to an Apple store, or because you are the de facto tech support department for friends and family, this ebook has the detailed information you need. Glenn discusses handling hotspot portal pages, creating secure Wi-Fi connections, signing up for the right cellular data plan, setting up a mobile hotspot, conserving cellular data, connecting Bluetooth peripherals, protecting personal data, and using Find My iPhone and other remote tracking software.

Author: Glenn Fleishman | Version: 1.0 | Download Size: 1.9 MB | 127 pages | US$10

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