Take Control of Mail in iOS 6

Take Control of Mail on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Fourth Edition by Joe Kissell: This 113-page ebook is essential reading for anyone who plans to use an iOS device for email – the real world of email isn’t always simple. In it, Joe helps you develop a successful mobile email strategy for iOS 6, ensuring that you know where your email is (and is not), that you can file it away successfully, and that you can find it later with a search. The book includes advice and directions for how best to set up your accounts, receive email, and read and send messages, all while taking into account the limitations of the iOS Mail app, and how it integrates with the unusual features of Gmail (like Priority Inbox) and iCloud (like archiving and new @icloud.com addresses). And since even a properly set up account sometimes has trouble, Joe explains how to diagnose and fix a number of common email-related problems in iOS.

Author: Joe Kissell | Version: 4.0 | Download Size: 1.5 MB | 113 pages | US$10

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