Take Control of LaunchBar

Control your Mac from the keyboard

Take Control of LaunchBarWhy do so many Mac users love LaunchBar, and what can it do for you? If you’ve never used LaunchBar, you likely don’t realise how important a tool it is, and if you’re already a LaunchBar devotee, you’re probably experiencing only a fraction of LaunchBar’s goodness. And now, with the new LaunchBar 6, there are even more features at your fingertips, helping you get around on your Mac faster than ever. To explain all of LaunchBar’s features, old and new, TidBITS has released an updated version of Kirk McElhearn’s Take Control of LaunchBar.

Get more info: tid.bl.it/tco-launchbar (also find a free one-page PDF cheat sheet!)

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Created in collaboration with LaunchBar’s developers, this version covers LaunchBar 6, which works in 10.9 Mavericks (and 10.10 Yosemite). But, if you’re still running Snow Leopard, Lion, or Mountain Lion, you can download the previous version of the book, which covers LaunchBar 5 (click Ebook Extras in the downloaded book).

What can you do with LaunchBar? The sky’s the limit. You can open documents from obscure locations or into non-default apps. Move, copy, tag, untag, or alias files and folders.

Pipe text around rapidly, from a document to a live Web search, from a Web page to the clipboard, from your clipboard history to a document, and more. Put your Mac to sleep, attach files to email messages, send tweets, type emoji, find phone numbers, start Messages conversations, send a selected address to Google Maps, run calculations, invoke Terminal commands, insert text snippets into documents, make reminders, connect with Automator, control iTunes, and far, far more.

Still not convinced? Ask the ordinary citizens portrayed in the comic from Snaggy and Nitrozac at Joy of Tech, who turned LaunchBar into an iconic superhero. (With Kirk as the author instead of Joe Kissell, this comic couldn’t be a “Joe of Tech,” so TidBITS called it Joy of Take.)

So, whether you’re already a LaunchBar user or you’re tempted by the promise of making your Mac dance, sing, and do backflips, all from the keyboard, check out Take Control of LaunchBar.

Take Control of Launchbar
Author: Kirk McElhearn | 157 pages | Version 1.1 | 3.4 MB | US$7 | Published Sept. 24, 2014

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