Take Control of Automating Your Mac

Make tasks quick, accurate, and repeatable (Q-A-R)

tc-automating-mac-coverIn his newest ebook, Take Control of Automating Your Mac, TidBITS author Joe Kissell embarks on a mission to help you find shortcuts to the things you’re already doing regularly so you can focus on those creative or subjective tasks that only you can do.

You don’t need to be a programmer – or even particularly geeky – to automate your Mac. Everyone uses copy and paste, and most of what Joe explains in this book can be used by anyone, from novice to expert. Nor is specialised software necessary. OS X has oodles of built-in automation features like keyboard shortcuts, configurable gestures, and automatic launching of key apps.

But clever Macintosh developers have created brilliant utilities that go far beyond OS X’s features, and Joe explains how to use such stalwarts as Keyboard Maestro and Hazel, plus he delves into the included automation capabilities in apps like Microsoft Office and Nisus Writer Pro.

In short, Joe wants to do three things with Take Control of Automating Your Mac:

  • Show you lots of tools and techniques for automating your Mac.
  • Offer concrete examples you can use as is or adapt to your needs.
  • Inspire you with extensive lists of further possibilities.

Watch Joe’s video intro, download free sample pages, buy or learn more about the book here:

Take Control of Automating Your Mac
Author: Joe Kissell | 204 pages | Version 1.0 | 4.0 MB | US$15 | Published June 25, 2014
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