Take Control of Apple TV
Second Edition

tc-apple-tv-2nd-edition-coverGo beyond the basics with the fourth-generation Apple TV’s Siri Remote, native apps and new features in tvOS 9.2.

Do you have a fourth-generation Apple TV? Considering getting one? Either way, TidBITS Managing Editor Josh Centers is here to help you learn the ins and outs of Apple’s living room device in his comprehensive Take Control of Apple TV, Second Edition. Unless you’re an A/V whiz, you’ll appreciate how the book’s step-by-step instructions and illustrations teach you to set up the hardware, use AirPlay, watch video, listen to music and podcasts, look at your photos, and enjoy a wide variety of independent apps.

Take Control of Apple TV, Second Edition also reveals all the ways you can use the new Siri Remote (summarized on a handy, printable cheat sheet to help you remember!), explains everything you need to know about tvOS (including the massive tvOS 9.2 update from a few weeks ago), and provides activation URLs for 50 video apps (so you don’t have to type them manually).

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find out if an iOS app includes a free copy of its Apple TV version.
  • Enter your password by speaking it, rather than laboriously “typing” it.
  • Rewind video in not one, not two, but three ways with the Siri Remote.
  • Put both the Apple TV and your television to sleep with a single shortcut.
  • Check the Siri Remote’s battery level and charge it before it dies.
  • Display your photos from iCloud Photo Library on the big screen.
  • Turn your TV into an interactive atlas with Josh’s favorite mapping app.
  • Use Apple’s new Podcasts app to watch and listen to some of the most compelling entertainment being produced today.

But the Apple TV isn’t just about entertainment. Thanks to AirPlay, it makes a great device for giving presentations from a Mac, iPhone, or iPad with Keynote. It’s the perfect accompaniment for a road warrior heading into unfamiliar conference rooms. Josh gives all the details, including a list of what you’ll need to handle any hardware you may encounter.

Take Control of Apple TV, Second Edition
175 pages | v2.0 | Author Josh Centers | Price US$15 | Published 07 April 2016.

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