Take Control of Apple Mail

TC-Apple-Mail-CoverMaster Apple Mail in both Mavericks and iOS 7

Have you had trouble or confusion with Apple Mail in Mavericks? Lots has changed from previous versions, particularly for Gmail users, and although Apple has restored some functionality in 10.9.1 and the just-released 10.9.2, there’s nothing like a healthy dose of expert advice to put you back in control of your email. To help with that, email expert Joe Kissell has revisited the topic in Take Control of Apple Mail. This new ebook, which covers both Mail for Mavericks and iOS 7, provides 175 pages of essential setup, usage, and troubleshooting advice, whether you use Gmail, iCloud, Exchange, or IMAP — or more than one.

Along the way, Joe explains core concepts like special IMAP mailboxes and email archiving, reveals Mail’s hidden interface elements, and offers tips on customizing Mail to your preferences (including the best power-user plugins for Mail on the Mac). You’ll also learn how to find that message in the haystack, figure out how digital signatures and encryption work in Mail, and uncover solutions to numerous common problems. 

Using the fully linked table of contents, Quick Start page, and other hot links in the ebook, you’ll quickly find the essential information that’s most important to you, including:

  • Key changes in Mail for Mavericks
  • Interesting new features in Mail for iOS 7
  • Setting Mail’s Junk Mail filter correctly and other tips for defeating spam
  • Understanding special mailboxes like Sent, Drafts, and Junk
  • Addressing email to multiple recipients — and to smart groups
  • Using notifications to manage incoming messages
  • Turning on the classic window arrangement
  • Customising the Mail sidebar, toolbar, message header interface, and more
  • Using search tokens AND understanding Boolean searches
  • Joe’s suggested smart mailboxes
  • Taking charge of email organisation with rules and other measures
  • Keeping attachments problem-free
  • 12 things you should know about iOS Mail
  • Fixing problems: receiving, sending, logging in, bad mailboxes, and more
  • Finding plugins that will improve your Mail experience
  • How to decide if you should encrypt your email
  • Detailed, real-world steps for signing and encrypting email

With Apple’s release of 10.9.2 Mavericks, this is not only the most comprehensive book about Apple Mail, but also the most up to date!

Take Control of Apple Mail:
Author: Joe Kissell | Version 1.0 | Download Size: 1.8 MB | 175 pages  | US$15

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