Take Control Book Bargain Bonanza

50% off all Take Control ebooks until 25 February

Now is the time to add any number of Take Control books to your library for 50% off across the board. This special sale offer ends 25 February 2015. All titles are DRM-free and available in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats, so you can access the real-world Mac and iOS advice you need wherever, whenever, and on whatever device you like.


Since Apple’s massive releases of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 last year, Take Control’s hard-working authors have been researching and writing new titles and updates alike, all with the goal of providing you with up-to-date answers to your Mac and iOS questions.

In particular, check out the snazzy new Take Control Crash Courses, which bring you the first-rate content you expect from this publisher in shorter, magazine-like chunks so you can dip in and read quickly. There are Crash Courses on Yosemite, iOS 8, and Digital Sharing for Apple Users – that last one explains how to work effectively in today’s spaghetti-like ecosystem of devices, services, and collaborators.

Other titles that have been revised recently to cover changes in Yosemite and iOS 8 include:

  • Take Control of Pages has friendly and thorough directions for handling complex word processing and layout tasks on the Mac, in iOS, and on iCloud, plus a deep look at iCloud Drive.
  • Take Control of Apple Mail, Second Edition tells you what you most need to know about Apple’s Mail app in Yosemite and iOS.
  • Take Control of iCloud, Third Edition remains the canonical reference to everything iCloud can do. If you’re not sure which features go with iCloud, how they work together, or how to best use them, read this book.
  • Take Control of Dropbox explains how to best sync your own files through the Dropbox service, or collaborate productively with other Dropbox users. It includes a cheat sheet you can share with colleagues who need Dropbox help.
  • Take Control of FileVault walks you through the how’s and why’s of OS X’s built-in FileVault feature so you can secure the files stored on your Mac’s drives with confidence.
  • Take Control of OS X Server covers Yosemite Server for those looking to turn a Mac into a server for a home, small business, or classroom.

More gems are available for 50% off in the Take Control catalog, making this a great time to stock up on books you can turn to for help when you need it, including titles about upgrading to Yosemite, automating your Mac, setting up a paperless office, the impressively useful utility LaunchBar, AirPort Wi-Fi networking, Apple TV, and much more. Purchasers receive minor updates for free, so your library can stay up to date throughout the year!


A note from the publishers:
“Remember, we don’t expect you to read every book cover to cover; instead, use the Table of Contents and Quick Start to jump instantly to the topics that explain what you want to know.”
“Thank you for supporting the Take Control series – we couldn’t do it without you! And, if we can ask a quick favour, it would be great if you could spread the word about the sale, since the proceeds make a big difference to our authors and help them continue to focus on writing books for you.”
Adam & Tonya Engst, Take Control publishers.