September 2019 Meeting

Meeting for the 2nd September 2019 opened at 6:30pm with 10 members in attendance.

Question time opened with a vivid discussion about travelling overseas with an iPhone or iPad. Serge suggested that the chip on sims will work across the EU.

Jack asked about firewire connections and Robin explained the technology and displayed images from the apple website. See firewire cable image below. Source: Creative Commons

Firewire-creative commons

Why would a MAC computer keep shutting down? There could be several reasons why a MAC could shutdown unexpectedly. Robin advises to:

  • remove all external peripherals i.e. printers, external drives, usb connections etc
  • boot MAC computer in safe mode
  • ensure your MAC OS is up to date

Checkout the trouble shooting tips on

This is an Apple trouble shooting guide that will take you through steps to ensure your MAC computer is running well.

Talk of the night was Neville bringing in his older MAC computer and Robin used ‘Disk Warrior’ to fix the issues on the MAC.

Main raffle prize was a Toshiba 1TB XHDD.

Supper was a selection of sweet delights and is always much appreciated. Our thanks go to Kath for routinely providing light refreshments and some surprising treats every meeting.

Next meeting will be on Monday 14th October 2019.