R.I.P Ron Lombardo

Ron Lombardo (dec.)
Ron Lombardo (dec.).
Image: Twitter

We note with sadness the passing of long-term AMUG member Ron Lombardo on 5 December 2014.

Ron was an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and much-loved member of our Mac user group for many years, going back to the mid-1980s when he was President from 1985–1987, and served as magazine editor in 1990.

After an absence from active membership due to work committments, Ron returned to the club in 2009 and rejoined the committee the following year, holding the position of Vice-President in 2010 and 2011.

Since then, health permitting, Ron has been our resident “techxpert”, delivering a brief but informative and entertaining technology talk at monthly meetings.

At our October 2011 meeting, Ron reflected on the news of the death of Apple guru Steve Jobs and the immense response it generated worldwide. On that occasion, Ron shared with us his personal experience of meeting Apple founding engineers Steve Wozniak and Andy Hershfeld.

Ron contributed in many ways to our club and to technology generally. He modified and improved the functionality of our club member database, set up the club’s Twitter account, and was proud and excited to be a founding member of the startup group that launched the ‘Geepers’ location-based tracking app last year.

We will miss Ron among our Apple Users community and extend our prayers and sympathy to his family and colleagues.

Ken Driver