June 2013 Meeting

A very informative meeting …

Warwick demonstrated a coin-shaped tracking device called ‘Stick-N-Find’, and its associated ‘Radar’ app. It has a range of about 30 metres (100 feet). Details at www.sticknfind.com

Ron touched on launch plans for Geepers. Ron then demonstrated a worldwide phenomenon called Geocaching – a game with its own subculture of followers that involves someone hiding a real object, then other people following cryptic clues to find it, via a GPS receiver device. More info: geocaching.com.au. Finally, Ron reminded us to keep up with Apple’s WWDC announcements from 10 June by following the AMUG Twitter tweets (click link at top of right sidebar).

Colin mentioned the demise of the Mac version of CNet’s TechTracker app and how to properly uninstall it; reminded ClamXav users that its associated Sentry app (watched folders) should be auto launched at Startup; referred us to Mac Security issues covered in the Australian Macworld magazine June issue; and explored the enhanced About This Mac utility in Mountain Lion, with the wealth of information it now provides.

The main raffle prize for June was a Logitech Speaker System.