July 2019 Meeting

AMUG 1st July 2019 opened at 6:30pm with 10 in attendance. 

Robin called for questions from the group and there was much discussion around the new macOS.

Catalina is the new macOS operating system with sidecar as the main attraction. 

  1. Sidecar. Designed to use your iPad as a secondary display for your Mac. Sidecar is quick, simple to use and can mirror content from your Mac or act as a secondary display for extra screen real estate. Connects wired or wirelessly within a 10 metre range. 
  1. Photo app. Photos app on macOS Catalina changes how images are displayed you can see your content by Years, Months, and Days. Videos automatically play as you scroll. The new version of Photos intelligently showcases your best pictures. 
  1. iTunes no more in Catalina. iTunes had become bloated so Apple has split it into three new apps for MacOS, Music, Apple TV, and Podcasts. Music app includes iTunes store. Bye bye iTunes. 
  1. New updates to apps such as Voice Control, Podcasts,  Notes with a gallery view and powerful search and Reminders has a new design with user friendly features to create and organise. Apple TV is new to MacOS and iTunes content  accessed as per iOS with Apple channels such as HBO, Now, Epics, Smithsonian Channel Plus, and more to come. 
  1. Security and privacy improvements. Gatekeeper has got a whole lot meaner checking apps and Apple watch side buttons can action security prompts. The new Find My app combines Find My iPhone and Find My Friends into a single, easy-to-use app on macOS and iOS.

We watched a video on the main features in Catalina on the 9to5Mac website. 

Some of the highlights:

  • Reminders has a fresh look allowing nesting 
  • Safari picture in picture is a new feature. 
  • Screen time as already on iOS allows you to set limits. Security and privacy enhancements.
  • Screen recording. 
  • Apple Watch allows security to authentic passwords on the Mac. 

First draw in the raffle was Serge. 

The main raffle prize of 1TB Toshiba XHDD was selected by Sean.

Raffle draw

The pleasure of your company is requested at our next meeting on Monday 5th August 2019 at 6:30pm.