iOS 9: A Take Control Crash Course

ios9-crash-course-coverLearn iOS 9 fast

For those who want to upgrade to Apple’s just-released iOS 9 and come up to speed on what’s new without spending hours poking at every app or winnowing through repetitive blog posts, check out the new 121-page iOS 9: A Take Control Crash Course by TidBITS Managing Editor Josh Centers, available now for US$15.

A What’s New chapter leads off with an overview of iOS 9’s many changes — including those in Siri, Spotlight, and Safari. The rest of the book describes the details, such as how those with recent iPads can use the new Split Screen, Slide Over, and Picture in Picture multitasking views, plus how to use Mail’s new features, how iOS 9 helps you save battery power, the trick to finding the hidden iCloud Drive app, the iPad’s new Trackpad mode, and much more. Special topics cover Family Sharing, accessibility, privacy, and managing data usage.

Josh helps you use iOS more effectively than ever with advice on:

  • What to check after installing iOS 9
  • Getting started with Slide Over, Split Screen, and Picture in Picture
  • Which iPads support the new multitasking views
  • Selecting text using the new iPad Trackpad mode
  • What to expect from the iPhone’s new Low Power mode
  • What the new Batteries widget does and how to display it
  • How to use a 4-digit passcode on a Touch ID device
  • Which cities have transit directions in Maps
  • Interpreting the icons in the Camera app’s viewfinder
  • How to set up a group Messages chat
  • Allowing VIPs through an iPhone’s Do Not Disturb cone of silence
  • Storing credit card details in Safari
  • Entering and accessing emergency medical information
  • Customizing Spotlight’s search results so they work for you
  • Making Siri talk like a guy (or gal)
  • Telling Siri who you mean when you say “Call Mom”
  • Putting an outline around text “buttons” so they look like buttons

As with all the titles in the Take Control Crash Course series, this Ebook provides tightly written, focused content coupled with carefully curated screenshots so you can get the help you need quickly. Don’t miss the sharing buttons that make it easy to share a chapter with Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and others who need the information!

iOS 9: A Take Control Crash Course
121 pages | Version 1.0 | US$15 | Published 16 Sept 2015

System Requirements: The minimum hardware requirements for running iOS 9 are the iPad 2, iPhone 4S, and fifth-generation iPod touch.

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