February 2019 Meeting

AMUG 4th February 2019

First meeting for the year 2019.

The group were shown video from Barbara’s iPhone using Airplay in Control Center to connect to Reflector 3 on Robin’s MacBook.  Flooding in Northern Queensland video and audio footage of the dam opening was mirrored. Airplay connection requires devices tone on the same network or connected using an Apple TV device. 

Question time including a vivid discussion around recent internet interruptions and some shared their experiences with technical support. 

Suggestions for connecting multiple devices in your home is to aquire a device such as Linksys Velop is a wifi device sold by Apple and it has three transmitters. Download the Linksys app to the iPhone and you can connect nodes or devices and it’s technical term called a mesh network.  Remember to set a password on your network! 

Next meeting on Monday 4/3/2019.