August 2019 Meeting

AMUG meeting on Monday 5th August 2019 was attended by 8 members.

Robin opened the meeting by asking the group for questions and discussion focused around how to clean up files on older mac computers.

AMUG meetings on 1st Monday of every month

Robin provided a demonstration of the ‘Disk Warrior’ app that can be used to clean up and re-write redundant files from previously deleted apps. ‘Disk Warrior’ can assist to regorganise older files on older MAC computers if MAC is still in good working order. ‘Disk Warrior’ amongst other functions will find redundant files then allow you to correct or remove them based on filtered criteria. Cost is about 40USD.

Robin also dazzled the group with his endless knowledge of video and audio file management. Converting mp4 to VOB format is a breeze. Try out Handbrake to convert files. There is also a variety of different apps and utilities for MAC computers on

Big thank you to our long term treasurer, Barbara to whom we applaud for ongoing service to the group. Barbara ensures our funds are in order, we remain compliant and we meet our current and future financial commitments. Thank you, Barbara!

Next meeting will be on Monday 2nd September 2019.